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Simply let go and rest in the natural state of mind.

If attention scatters, the fire goes cold.

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I never how to start stuff like this. And I feel awkward writing about myself. Ok - here goes, "Hi, I'm Mel Buckner. I'm just me. It's really that simple. Just a person, like you. Honest, open, no B.S. Just me. Writing about my opinions on things is easier. " Yeah, ok that sounds good... I'll go with that.

I like to believe I'm forward-thinking - at least I try to be. I try to love people - even ones I may not really 'click' with. I like making friends and I think people, regions, and cultures, history and religion are interesting. I like history and world politics. Mostly though, I'm just me. I'm a homebody, but I love to travel. In fact I've spent huge portions of my life traveling (mainly in the Asia Pacific region).

I'm kind of an introvert (though some would argue that I'm only 'shy' when I'm playing hard to get....not sure what that means actually - but it's what I've been told), Introverted until I feel comfortable in my surroundings and with the people I find myself interacting with - then I'm a big goofball.

I tend to take myself entirely too seriously. I'm working on that. I like talking with/spending time with people who can see through that. Because in reality, I'm a big teddy bear and a free-spirit - though a very silly one at times.

Sometimes I trip on my words. Sometimes, I'm told, I'm very articulate. I guess I'm a walking quandry? What can I tell you. I'm an Aquarius and I love being one.

I'm a spiritual person, if not a traditional one. I've 'been' lots of religions in my life. Some by choice, some forced upon me. However, I think they are all essentially based on good intention, and built, most of the time, on good principles. I think I have a good relationship with my spiritual self. I've never been one to follow convention though. So I guess I sort of made up my own religion? Do you really need a 'religion' at the end of it all? I think the word 'religion' can be another type of dualistic thinking - eg, this is this and that is that. I think when I, or we (as humans) get stuck playing the "label game" we become more about the labels than simply resting and seeing things as they really are - instead of what we make them into. Religion is mostly man made rules. Best practice, I try to be kind and real and connect with people. I think that's what matters at the end of the day. That said, as an adult I converted to Buddhism, and I practice Dzogchen. To me, Dzogchen is the essence of life as it is.

I believe you can make anything happen if you want it bad enough - but the question is - should you? Because I also believe in karma and some things that are just meant to be. I think we choose our lives. And hopefully in there somewhere - love finds us and lets us be free.

I remember as I kid, that I had a t-shirt with a quote from Jonathan Livingston Seagull on it (a somewhat religiously themed metaphoric book that I don't really buy into but I like this quote: )

"If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn't, it never was".

I believe that to this day.

I believe in love and I believe in taking risks and I believe most strongly in connecting with other people, because that's what life is about. We're all one global family. Regardless of whether you're rich, famous, a genius or dumb as a bag of hammers - we're one. We're made of the same atoms and carbon and water. We're one. We each have an inherent uniqueness that is beautiful in it's concurrent simplicity and deep deep complexity. Life is a discovery.

I want to live in a peaceful world where people love and care about each other. I really do.

I hope I can do a little bit in this world, while I walk on it's surface, to help people see the healing power in eliminating barriers and just caring for each other. If I have a 'life mission' - that's probably it. At least that is what I think in this moment as I sit here at work, ...not working. :)

To me, living is about love. It doesn't matter your gender or your identity or your orientation or any of it. Just connect and be 100% real and honest. Don't hide. The rest is just plumbing. And laugh. But most of all, love everyone, even if you can only manage it for a little bit. I think you'll find it's pretty contagious.